The alarm-clock/radio set on one of Manhattan's news radio stations woke me up at 7:30. The workday in our company starts at some time before nine. However, I wanted to be in the office earlier because I was hoping for an early-morning break-through for a problem I was having with some nasty nested ASP code. And so, full of hope but not fully awaken yet, I gave myself another three or four minutes before getting up, and heading to a bathroom for a refreshing shower.

Laying in bed I saw how the morning sun splattered with gold the Empire State Building which was visible through mini-blinds covering a window that faces West. Meanwhile the radio was filling my 33rd&1st Avenue corporate penthouse master bedroom with a voice of an enthusiastic commentator delivering the latest weather report. She promised another warm and pleasant day for New Yorkers. Finishing her short monologue filled with numbers of lows and highs she happily declared:

"It is going to be a wonderful day...."

The date was September 11, 2001. Her phrase, and the events of that Tuesday forever etched into my memory.